Fix Your Bad Posture

Sitting at your desk for 8 hours every day leads to severe back pain and awful posture. 

NextErgo sets up your perfect standing and sitting positions by using hand level detection and posture correction technology. Plus, NextErgo recommends you chair and armrest heights based on your height and whether you wear high heels or not.

GIF showing the posture correction and hand level detection on the NextErgo smart desk

Don't Forget to Keep Moving

Excessive sitting can make you feel tired and lose your concentration. 

NextErgo calculates your BMI and recommends you a standing goal. It will encourage you to stand more often, and let you know when you need to sit down.

GIF showing the standing goal prompt on the NextErgo smart desk tablet

Keep Healthy While Working

It's important to keep up healthy habits even while you're hard at work.

NextErgo will send reminders for you to drink water, give options for healthy snacks, and even encourage you to exercise and do yoga.

GIF showing the NextErgo smart desk prompt to drink water

Track How You Work

Forget to track what you've done for the day?

NextErgo has automatic presence detection and knows when you're at your desk or on your break. It will compile your data into a usage report alongside other data such as water consumed, exercises done, calories burnt, and more.

GIF showing the NextErgo smart desk tracking standing vs sitting

Keep Fit and Active

It's hard to keep an active lifestyle when you spend the majority of your day working.

NextErgo provides easy desk exercises and step-by-step yoga you can do while still at your desk. Keep active, keep energetic, and improve your performance.

GIF showing desk exercises being carried out at the NextErgo smart desk

Your Control Hub

Organization is something that can be improved in every workplace.

NextErgo's 8" HD touchscreen tablet has everything you need in one easy to access location. You can control your standing and sitting positions and all settings.

GIF showing the NextErgo smart desk HD tablet

Stand up and be ready for the future.


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